About Us

Paying homage to and named after my maternal and paternal grandmothers, two "Big Mama's" who had major influence in my life being the ultimate matriarchs, which also happens to be me and my sister’s middle names (can you guess who is Myrtle....), Myrtle&Flossie was created to operate as a "post-baby" concierge hub, helping new, veteran, empty-nester, single, step, adoptive, and would-be moms alike!

Understanding and knowing that motherhood can equally be both rewarding and challenging, I was inspired to create a fashion+wellness lifestyle brand from 
#1 my own personal experience/journey with motherhood 
#2 15+ years in the fashion industry as a model 
that addressed all the emotional, mental, and physical changes that happen to women in the "4th trimester" the trimester that often gets ignored. 

Specializing in small batch local and ethically made apparel+plant based personal care products, M&F (Myrtle&Flossie) focuses on “beyond the bump” creating a NEW narrative that beauty, fashion, and life doesn’t end nor fade when you age or become a mom, it just begins! merging motherhood and woman hood, helping women feel confident, beautiful, and supported in the continuing space of motherhood.......

•Beyond the Bump
•Women's Wellness
•Model Mommy style+easy fashion