About Us

A brand built for moms by a mom


Understanding and knowing that motherhood can equally be both rewarding and challenging, I was inspired to create a fashion+wellness lifestyle brand from
15+ years in the fashion industry as a model based in NYC working domestically and internationally, my own personal journey with motherhood, and to create a space that addressed all the emotional, mental, and physical changes that happen to women in the "4th trimester" the trimester that often gets ignored.  


Specializing in small batch local ethically made and sustainably sourced eco-friendly "slow fashion" apparel+plant based personal care products, M&F (Myrtle&Flossie) focuses on “beyond the bump” creating a NEW narrative that beauty, fashion, and life doesn’t end nor fade when you age or become a mom, it just begins.

  • Easy wear fashions that are multi-wearable, built-in design, effortlessly chic, and have you put together in a pinch with minimal effort
  • Vegan plant based non-toxic, paraben free women wellness and postpartum personal care SKIN+HAIR+BATH products that are child friendly, can be used by the entire family, and help along the journey.
  • Merging mommy hood+woman hood, helping women feel confident, beautiful, and supported in the continuing space of motherhood

 Paying homage to and named after my maternal and paternal grandmothers, two "Big Mama's" who had major influence in my life being the ultimate matriarchs, which also happens to be me and my sister’s middle names (can you guess who is Myrtle....), Myrtle&Flossie was created to operate as a "post-baby" concierge hub, helping women as they age, new, veteran, empty-nester, single, step, adoptive, and would-be moms alike!




Hola! this is Nia Reid-Allen owner and creator of M&F and here is a little about me and what I am up to with my brand. I come from an extensive fashion background as a domestic and international showroom fashion+beauty campaign model based in NY City, a FIT business fashion graduate, and certified postpartum Doula, and decided to take my love of fashion and new found joy of motherhood into the maternity industry creating a wellness and fashion 4th trimester lifestyle brand for women as they age, new, and established moms.

Staying true to the ethos of the brand "keeping mamas looking good and feeling great", I am helping women navigate the journey of motherhood now with kids in tow or lifestyle changes as a mature women and you find your style has shifted. M&F provides those multi-wearable interchangeable, versatile beautifully designed, high quality items that last season after season; current modified trends and remixed+reinvented classics to have you not skip a beat no matter the circumstance. The majority of the apparel comes in "group sizing" understanding that sizes pre and post baby or as we age can be a world of difference even if it's the same size number, keeping in mind the diverse range of body types+statures having clothing being inclusive. 

So enjoy! remember self care is the best care and women are the nucleus of families, when mama is ok everyone is ok. 


•Beyond the Bump
•Women's Wellness
•Model Mommy style+easy fashion