Fleece lined leggings, where have you been all my life?


Although I grew up in and hail from a state where during the winter time we rival Alaska for having frigid cold temperatures (Michigan), that doesn't mean I have ever gotten used to it nor like it. I am a warm blooded individual and any temp under 73, I'm like "its cold"! fast forward present day as I now reside on the East coast, and a mother to a 9yr old (soon to be 10yrs next week) who of course is the complete opposite of me, she complains of being hot when she has to wear her coat when the outside temps are in the 30's?? When it snows she is all over it and can't wait to get to our city's designated ski slopes, its really just a public park with amazing steep heels that when covered with snow, amazing mind blowing "free fun" during the winter. So we went the other day and our snow adventure started out ok however it began to go downhill from there (pun intended) as I realized that I was not properly dressed for the elements. The temp dropped considerably, my daughter of course was properly prepared for this weather however I wasn't and she was soon to have a toeless mother.

I needed actual winter snow boots specifically for SNOW not snow adjacent that were more about fashion than function, and although I had gloves what I actually needed were mittens. Now the positives, I had an insulated winter coat, perfect for this weather, cashmere feel blanket scarf, winter faux pom-pom fur fleeced lined cable knit hat, and my all time #wintermusthave favorite..... fleece lined leggings. Which by the way I ended up wearing them by accident because I had sweats on earlier that day, but boy oh boy I am happy my sub-conscious kicked in and had me choose right.


In my opinion, fleece lined leggings are the ultimate winter essential to help combat some of these crazy cold temps when trying to get dressed. Depending on the thickness, they are perfect for layering underneath skirts, dresses, denim, sweat pants, and snow suits for guaranteed warmth during the winter months. Fleece lining feels amazing next to your skin, having you maintain style yet comfortable functioning fashion that you can endure the cold and not be miserable if you have children and end up outside against your will, lol! Check out what we have in stock in our M&F Amazon store here.     



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